And I thought they smelt bad on the outside

Guta (pronounced Gueta according to Bitchy McBitchface) are a race of mammalian, bipedal, social, terrotorial, aggresive, powerful and armoured beasts that are native to Reach. Jorgey loves them, even though they are extremely dangerous. In fact, he is known to ride them occasionally, and he apparently transplanted them to New Reach so he can use them as mounts.

Noble Six and Jun encountered two of these beasts and decided to kill them, so Jorgey bullied Jun so much he ran away. Jorgey forgave Noble Six as he knew he was bipolar anyway.

Guta have been known to chase down and eat Moa, Grunts, Jackals, Brutes, Humans, Elites and pretty much anything else that gets in their way, apart from Hunters. The only reason why they don't eat Hunters is because they haven't invented can openers yet.

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