Omega full

Omega, the Hand's creator.

The Hand of Omega was a Time Lord weapon created by the stellar engineer known as Omega. He created the device to edit the properties of stars, to fashion them into sources of enourmous power, or destruction. The Hand of Omega was one of the artifacts sought after by the two opposing factions of Daleks. The Renegade Daleks wanted it to forge a weapon capable of annihilating Skaro and killing the Dalek Emperor, and the Imperial Daleks wanted the Hand to give Skaro unlimited power and rule the universe.

Davros, posing as the Dalek Emperor, retrieved the Hand and started prancing around in a foolish manner, showing off and the like. The Doctor contacted Davros and told him that if he didn't stop, he'd regret it. Davros laughed at the idea, and continued anyway. What a noob.

It turned out the Doctor had pre-programmed the Hand, so when Davros activated it, it wiped the Renegade Daleks off the face of the Earth. Literally. Davros was quite pleased with this, but the smile was wiped off his face when the Hand flew back in his face. Luckily for him, it didn't hit his ship. Instead, it flew all the way to Skaro and decimated it. Then it destroyed his ship. Unfortunatly, Davros managed to escape, but the Dalek Empire was left in tatters and what was left of it fled to fight a bigger war. The Earth was saved. Rumour has it that the Hand itself fled, and now resides in the League's Unnatural History Museum.

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