More Eyes = Better Reaper

Harbinger, also known as King Squid, is the current Leader and Supreme Commander of the Reaper Fleet, as well as joint Admiral of The League's Navy. He is also a member of League High Command. He has reigned supreme over the Reapers for millions of years, and was insturmental in the Reaper-Flood Alliance's victory in the Forerunner War.

Harbinger was the first Reaper ever created and since then he has participated in every harvesting in an effort to create even more Reapers. Harbinger has more 'eyes' and lasers than the other Reapers, which instantly makes him cooler and elevates him to a position of respect among his bretheren. 

It was Harbinger who tried in vain to stop the firing of the Composer during the Reaper War. After it was fired and Harbinger reawakened, however, he immediately sued for peace with the devastated races and led the rebuilding and restoration efforts.

Following this, he accepted the offer the join The League and has since been leading his Reapers as both the intragalactic police and first line of defence against foreign threats. He is great buddies with Gravespeare, and was delighted to find out that he would once again be fighting alongside him.

Harbinger loves his rants, especially in the years betwen the Reaper Scare (2183) and the Reaper War (2186), in which he commanded an army of maniacal insects to abduct Humans. In battle, he loved doing this:



to enhance their combat capabilities, and during these possessions, he often ranted to his opponents. Below are many examples:

Mass Effect- Harbinger's speech05:52

Mass Effect- Harbinger's speech

In his spare time, Harbinger loves making music and is currently enjoying a successful career as a DJ. He is good friends with the Thursbinator. He made it to Galactic Album No.1 and remained there for 12 weeks with his debut album, Salvation Through Destruction. He also collaborated with his buddy, MC Sovereign, before they fell out and then Sovereign got murdered by the Normandy.

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