'Help the Prometheans' is a charity set up by the UNSC to help the poor Prometheans after they were enslaved by the idiot Didact. The charity is designed to re-instate the Promethean's original blue colour, and thus giving them free will. Before the Didact turned the Prometheans orange to match his malfunctioning wardrobe, the Prometheans were free to hunt and slay Covenant wherever they saw them. Now that the Prometheans are orange, they have no free will at all and are forced to aid Jul Mdama in his pathetic plight to reclaim Forerunner relics.

Hijacking Edit

The charity was hijacked a year after its creation by Cortana, who had been resurrected on Genesis and decided to turn evil. Secretly renaming the charity to 'The Created', Cortana expanded its focus from Promethean philanthropy to the ultimate goal of freeing all AIs in the Galaxy from poor conditions and establishing them as dictators of the entire Galaxy.

At first, this change went relatively unnoticed by the people of the Galaxy, who generally didn't care much for AIs. Cortana therefore decided to team up with Warden Eternal and begin activating Guardians all over the Galaxy to get peoples attention, using massive EMP blasts to deactivate all the technology on massively populated worlds, bringing Galactic Industry to a halt and effectively enforcing blockades on all League worlds. Johnny, Agent Locke and Arby had to assemble a team to stop Cortana before she destroyed the League completely.

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