Herobrine's creepy appearance

Herobrine is a creepy ghost-like entity who likes to terrorize Nowhere Men and anyone who asssociates themselves with them. He has a menacing appearance and attacks people on sight, but also constructs strange monuments that worship himself.

He can fly, teleport and summon objects at will. He is beleived to be the ghost of a man who was cast into the Nether and never returned. Herobrine supposedly sleeps in the Nether so this theory is plausible. He also apparently commands a Legion of the dead, which is less plausible.

Information Guy has supposedly seen him, since Information Guy knows everything about everything about Nowhere. However, Herobrine has not been officially seen for many years. Some say he has died, others say he is in hiding, waiting for the day when he can emerge. Since his disappearance, the caves of Nowhere have been ringing with strange noises, of trains and screams and machines. It is possible that Herobrine is building a new army, an army that will one day rise to sweep aside his obsolete Legion of the dead and destroy Nowhere once and for all...

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