Hogwarts, the Magical Castle. Well, one of them

Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a place where stupid kids go to learn magic. The headmaster is Dumbledore, who obviously has no idea about education, and there are many crazy staff members who all have names relating to either their profession or their personality: Professor Sprout, Professor Flitwick and Professor Moody to name but a few.

Hogwarts is basically a massive castle, but there are many secret rooms and passageways. I mean, it wouldn't be a magical school without secret rooms and passageways, now, would it?

The school has many lessons including Charm, of which Harry Potter has none, Defence Against the Dark Arts, which more oftent han not is taught by some Dark Wizard in disgiuse, Herbology, taught by hmm, lets see, ah, Professor Sprout, and Potions, taught by Snape.

The school is almost destroyed in the Battle of Hogwarts but luckily it is able to be repaired. How, you ask? Well, that would be the Magic that all of the members of staff and students possess. Since then, however, it has been attacked by rogue Daleks, for some reason...



To name but a few...

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