Several Planets, many of which could be inhabited

The following planets are the Birthplace or original land of certain races. Most Homeworlds, such as Sanghelios, Earth, or Tuchanka, are heavily defended by each race's Home Fleet and are usually very difficult to access for other races due to the heavy customs rules. However some Homeworlds, such as Dac, are basically tourist attractions and welcome visitors with open arms.
Planet Race Status
Earth Humans

Thriving, Golden Age, Difficult to access (For Aliens).

Sanghelios Elites Stable, Difficult to access (For Aliens), Heavily Defended.
Dosiac Brutes Desolate, Destroyed by Elites.
Rondo Cresendoins Stable, Easy to access.
Mondas Cybermen ???
Skaro Daleks Irradiated, Abandoned.
Rannoch Quarians, Then Geth. Now Both Arid, Stable, Easily accessable.
Balaho Grunties Methane Atmosphere, Very Cold, Stable.
Kahje Hanar Ocean World, Easily accessable, Stable. (Tourist Friendly)
Te Lekgolo (Hunters) Gas Giant, Stable, Difficult to access.
Eayn Jackals Moon, Very similar to Earth, Difficult to access.
Tuchanka Krogan Very aggressive wildlife, Heavily defended, Dangerous, Slightly Irradiated.
Asteroid Mole Mole Men Asteroid, Artificial Atmosphere (Extremely Low Pressure), Stable.
Economyington Money Spiders Completely Destroyed.
Nowhere Nowhere Men Varied Terrain, Stable, Easy to Access. (Tourist Friendly).
Janjur Qom, High Charity, Inon II Prophets

Janjur Qom (Destroyed by Supernova), High Charity (Turned into Low Charity), Inon II (Remaining Prophets).

Unknown, A Planet in a Styx Theta Cluster Protheans Unknown.
Daaaaaadum Prowlers Abandoned, Then destroyed in collision with Economyington.
Suen Rachni Toxic, Desolate, Abandoned.
New Reach Reachites Very Earthlike, Stable, Easy to access. (Selective Entry)
Sontar Sontarans Nobody Cares.
Hoth Tauntauns, Wampas Very Cold, Stable.
Urrrrrrrr The Urrrrrrs Highly polluted, Difficult to access.
Gallifrey Time Lords Destroyed/Ravaged.
Dac Mon Calamari (Ackbar Race) Quarren Ocean World, Golden Age, Thriving, (Tourist Friendly).
Zerus Zerg Abandoned.
Char Zerg, Renegade Zerg (Brood War) Demolished, Surface ravaged, Difficult to access.
Aiur Protoss Abandoned, Destroyed.
Shakuras Protoss Long night cycle, Difficult to access, Heavily defended.
Corellia Corellian Humans Similar to Earth, thriving, easy to access, (Tourist Friendly).

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