Inon II Planet

Inon II viewed from one of the orbital trade routes

The Inon system is located at Galactic Centre (Or as close as possible). Of the three planets orbiting Inon, Inon II is by far the most important. It is the only one of the three planets orbiting Inon that can sustain life and it is for this reason that the Capital of the League is located here.

The planet has bustling cities and large plains. There are also a few forests, however, the indigenous population of Inon chopped down many of the trees during the Dark Ages. The population was later wiped out by the Flood and after the Forerunners destroyed all life in the Galaxy the planet was left without a population.

Soon after, the League high council chose to settle on Inon II, due to its close proximity to the Galactic Centre, a reflection of the League dominance as a Galactic Power. As soon as the Treaty between the League and the previous rulers of the Galaxy, the Covenant, Daleks and Flood had been drawn up, the League was able to concentrate more on helping the citizens of the planets they controlled. This meant that the cities of Inon II grew rapidly, some expanding over entire islands.

The main species living on Inon II are Humans, Elites and Turians however there are many other species living there like Rodians, Hanar, Mon Calamarians and Grunts. Unlike its sister planets Inon I and Inon III, Inon II can support life of its own accord.

Inon II was almost completely razed during the League Civil War, but it was soon rebuilt back to its former glory once the Face of Boe instated the League's Golden Age. Thousands of years later, Inon II was almost destroyed again, this time by Alpha Centurians, but thankfully Spein was able to alert the League of their treachary early. The only building that was not at all damaged was the Museum of Unnatural History, which survives to this day.

Futuristic city 3 updated background by rich35211-d5a88fo

Inon II, the bustling Capital Planet of The League

Inon II

The Museum of Unnatural History, dominating this section of Inon II's cityscape

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