Halo ring 02 destruction

Halo Installation 02, post-destruction.

Halo Installation 02 was a Halo Ring created by the Forerunners as part of their Halo Array. This ring was never found by the Humans. Three years after the battle of the Ark, whilst Johnny was still drifting in space, Daleks attacked this ring.

The rings Monitor, 686 Pessimistic Insight, immediately alerted all the rings Sentinels who flew out to meet the Daleks in battle. Despite the Sentinels ununsual choice of arms - flaming Cillit Bang - the Daleks suffered heavy losses due to their shields being particularly vulnerable to the Sentinels weapons. However, Overwhelming numbers soon pushed the Sentinels back and onto the ring itself.

640px-Hell Monitor

686 Pessimistic Insight is destroyed.

686 Pessimistic Insight attempted to contact 049 Abject Testament for help, since his ring was relatively near. But the painfully slow communications systems meant that the message did not send in time, and a Dalek assault squad broke into the communications chamber. 686 Pessimistic Insight politely introduced himself to the Daleks, only to be blasted by their weaponry. The Monitor put up a fight, destroyed several waves of Daleks before finally being brought down by none other than the Cult of Skaro.

Despite heavy damage done to the ring, the Sentinels and the facilities, the Daleks understood the nature of these devices. They issued an order to all their forces that the rings were not to be approached under any circumstances, and detonated orbital mines above the surface of Installation 02, devastating the surface of the ring and shattering the structure beneath. This prompted what was left of the Ark to begin building a replacement ring, but a lack of resources and raw materials soon ended this ill-fated attempt.

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