The only piece of Installation 09 ever found.

Halo Installation 09 was one of the twelve original Halo rings. The Monitor of Installation 09 sided with 007 Greenie Spark during the Monitor Civil War, and set his ring on a random-vector slipspace jump so it would not fall into Forerunner hands, and was never seen again.

The ring itself, however, was found in ruins centuries later, having been abandoned by both the Monitor and the Sentinels aboard. The ring appeared to have been abandoned for some time. The high levels of damage to the ring and the fact that it was found on the outskirts of the Force Galaxy suggest that the Galactic Empire's Death Star saw the ring as a threat, and destroyed it. Whatever the cause of its destruction, it was one less Halo ring to be used, and it is the only one of the five rebel Halos to have been found again, destroyed or not.

Survey teams and excursion bases litter the surface of the Installation, seeking answers to a mystery that remains unsolved...

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