One of the many fights that take place in the arena, a 'Sood Fight'...

Intergalatic Grand Arena is a Gladitorial Contest Arena that plays host to some of the best fights in the Galaxy. Not only that, it is also the host of many theatrical productions and contests in the Galaxy, and was run for many years by Human Charities who promoted the Intergalactic Olympics and eventually banned violent gladitorial games.

After this, many businesses like Grunt Stop and Aiur Chef promoted their wares in the arena by sponsoring fights. For example, Sood Fights often take place involving computer generated Soods. There is also a 'Champion's Arena' in which the best warriors in the Militaristic League planets compete in friendly, non-deadly fights like wrestling, swordfighting and quick-draw duels.

There is also a Total-Wipeout-esque obstacle course, the programme of which is hosted by Richard Hammond.

The Arena was eventually taken over completely by Sood Geth, who continued to run the games and the theatrical productions.

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