Weeee! Look at da 'widdle moose-bunny thing!

Jackalopes are mythical creatures, thought to be the offspring of a moose and a rabbit. Or, a stag with a hare. Or a stag with a rabbit and a moose with a hare. Basically, any antlered animal with a bunny-like being. (Bunny-like being. Bunny-like being. Say it fifty times without a mistake and you will get a badge! (...Ok, sorry... no badge...)

Jackalopes pop up out of nowhere, it is believed that they have a teleportation system embedded into their brains which makes them appear in random (or awkward!) situations. Like if you were getting fired. Or expelled. Or you had walked in on some people kissing. Next time one of those awkward situations happen to you, look out for the Jackalope with it's familiar cry:


To summon the Jackalope....or a slap in the face... run around in circles flapping your arms and crying the jackalope cry, so that it will appear and you can leap onto it's back and ride into the sunset, yodelling all the way!

Ok, dream on. All you have to do is call it's name. The most common ones for Jackalopes are: Jeff, Billy and Reginald. But not Jack, surprisingly.

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