Jareth contemplating his next kidnapping

Jareth is apparently the Goblin King who can summon flying bubbles/crystal balls out of nowhere and sing really well. In fact, he performs at least two musical numbers a day in his palace for all his subjects.

He kidnaps small children and turns them into Goblins, but only if their family wish then to go away. However, this means that even if their sisters or children say 'I wish you would go away' he will take them.

He can fly, walk on walls, turn into an owl, teleport, turn into a weird puppet and goodness knows what else. He owns a castle at the centre of an impassable Labyrinth that is so intricate and complex that few have ever even made it through the first section, never mind all the way to the castle itself.

The Castle he owns is pretty awesome. he has many bumbling guards to see to his every need, a gigantic, metal, remote-controlled robot guarding the entrance, and.... (this is the best part)... MILK CAN BE DELIVERED TO HIS CASTLE! How incredibly devious and goblin-like...

He also has a fabulous singing voice, he should really pursue it as a career, who knows, he get huge from it!

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