It's not what it looks like

Jawa Juice is a popular drink throughout the League that originated on Tatooine. Despite the rumours, it is not made from freshly squeezed Jawas. However, its history is very long and interesting.

When the universe was created Tatooine was a lush, fertile paradise that was full of life. However, the life on the planet soon turned sour and the Pantheon eradicated every living thing on the planet, reducing it to a barren wasteland. Only the Jawas survived the mass extinction, since they were the only pure creatures left.

Tatooine soon drifed away from the bright centre of the universe and became the planet that was furthest from. For a while. Because soon, after the fall of the Galactic Empire, a discovery was made on Tatooine by some Jawas that revolutionised the entire planet.

They found a seed. Which grew in the ground. And this seed grew into a tree. And the tree produced juice. The juice was nice, so the Jawas started selling that instead. And thus, the juice became known as Jawa Juice. The trees then spread across the most Northern tip of the planet to make a small forest, in which Jawas laughed and played all day long. The End.

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