Jedi sentinel

A Jedi Sentinel on the defensive

Jedi Sentinels (not to be confused with Cillit Bang munching team killing crappy robots) are a special tyoe of Jedi that are designated to defending members of the Jedi Council and the Jedi Temple itself. The Sentinels are always on station in the Jedi Temple and spring into action if anything goes wrong. They are formiddable warriors and they concentrate more on swordfighting skills than actual force powers.
  • Bastila was a Jedi Sentinel, before she fled the Order
  • Luke Skywalker, one of the few Sentinels to not wield a yellow lightsaber
  • Kyle Katarn was promoted to Jedi Sentinel later than is usually acceptible but proved himself worthy
  • Plo Koon, who became a Sentinel during the Clone War
Jedi Sentinels usually carry yellow lightsabers, and are the only type of Jedi that are permitted to do so. The numbers of Jedi Sentinels were severely depleted during Operation: KNIGHTFALL, but following the New Jedi Order set up by Luke Skywalker Jedi Sentinels played pivotal roles in the Defence of the Jedi Temple that took place during the battle against the Reborn.

Notable Jedi SentinelsEdit

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