Could he hold it?

Jek Porkins was a pilot in service with the Rebel Alliance. He took part in the attack on the First Death Star during the Battle of Yavin, and he was one of the first pilots to die during the attack. After performing some effective attacks on the surface of the station, destroying several laser towers, Porkins ran into some problems when he flew into the debri field of one of the towers that he had destroyed, as this made his instruments go haywire and he lost all his sensors. Despite claiming to be able to hold it, his fighter impacted on the surface of the station and he was killed.

He was remembered along with all the brave pilots who died during the attack in a memorial to commemorate his life. According to his memoral, before the war he was a professional wrestler and he was compelled to join the rebellion when the Empire took over his planet and closed down all the rings. Left without work and nothing to stop him from leaving, he joined the rebellion in the hope that he would some day liberate his planet.

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