Johnny in a Dumpster

Jorgey's Flying Dumpster is a creative contraption intially built by Catherine Halsey, but it was passed to Jorgey during the Battle of Reach, It's function was as a hovering gunboat disguised as a simple dumpster, the last thing that the Covenant would expect, apparently. The machine could not be used on Reach since the prototype was not finshed, and Jorgey was delayed in the final experiments by the Covenant attack on Reach. Knowing that he had to make the ultimate sacrifice for his REAAAACH!!!!, Jorgey installed the plans for the dumpster into a microchip, which he attatced to his dog tags. These were soon passed to Noble Six who then gave them to the Master Chief, and made it his mission to return them to Earth.

With the plans returned to Earth following the Master Chief's rescue from Installation 04, the Flying Dumpsters were scattered all around Voi for the use of the UNSC ground forces.They were used to their fullest extend by Johnny and Arby in the defence of Voi, and freaked the hell out of several UNSC Marines. Sadly, the Flying Dumpsters were all destroyed when the Elites glassed Africa to cleanse the Flood Contamination. Some say it was a sacrifice worth making.

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