Proof of the halo 4 myth

Jorgey prepares to face off against Johnny, alongside his giant plant thing

Jorgey's Master Plan was a plan of conquest carried out by the deranged League member Jorgey in 2563 PLF. Prior to this, Jorgey had created a new Reach and colonized it with his own genetic replicants which he dubbed 'Jorgeites' or 'Reachites'. However, this caused a stir in the Galactic Council who beleived that genetic experimentation was out of the question and the League needed to control Jorgey before things got out of hand.

Jorgey killed his aid, Grunty Chief, and told his Grunty minions to divert power form the engines to the MUSIC SYSTEM!

Despite strain on the diplomatic relationship between the Galactic Council and the League, Jorgey continued anyway, using his Composer stolen from the Didact to create fleets of warships to defend New Reach, and terrorforming nearby planets so they all shared Reach's environment.

Jorgey intended to restore Reach to its former glory, but his fleet began to stir. Excessive attacks from Jorgey's fleet on innocent civilian planets resulted in the Galactic Council-Reachite War of 2565 PLF.

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