The namesake and creator of the song.

There once was a planet all shiny and new,
They called it REAAAACH!!!! coz they wanted to
Then came the covvies who glassed it to dust
So now im gonna go and bring the rain until they rust!
We killed a load of covvies, don't think we let em win,
Just us, other humans and a ship made out of tin
But, of course we couldn't beat 'em, we knew it from the start,
Otherwise old Chiefo would never've found the Ark
There were many fellow spartans but now their all dead,
I remember them all by pins in ma ted
There was a guy called carter and a gal called kat,
She died coz she wouldn't put on her fancy hat
Noble Team

Noble Team on REAAAACH!!!!

Carter himself met his end in a ship,
He crashed into a scarab on the crafts last trip
Jun ran away with a doctor who was mean,
We dont know where he is coz he hasn't been seen
Emile got stabbed by a zealot in the back,
Don't let him drive the mongoose coz he never keeps on track
Six was the wierdest, no one knew his name
He meets a crazy death at the end of the game
I often flew around in my old falcon,
I'd drop down sayin 'need a lift, spartan'

Jorgey's Forklift Truck, custom made on REAAAACH!!!!

Old Jorgey knew the pain, so it's my job to teach
These damn covvies 'bout the PAIN O' REAAAACH!!!!
I was first to go, they all thought i was gone,
But really i escaped just like my buddy John
We've both ended up on this godforsaken rock,
I'm gonna make him feel the PAIN with ma forklift truck!

- Jorgey, reciting the song to his Grunties in the days of His Master Plan.

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