An Example of some Jorgey Porgey Puddin' n Pie

Jorgey Porgey Puddin' n Pie was a type of pie developed on Earth in memory of Jorgey. When news reached Earth that Reach had been destroyed and that Jorgey was dead, the entire planet went into mourning. Even Sood, who had long been a great business partner of Jorgey, was upset.

The people of Earth joined forces to create a great puddin', a great pie, a Jorgey Porgey Puddin' n Pie, which would contain every form of fruit imaginable. Even a handful of Terrantimes were donated by Lord Hood to honor Jorgey.

The first person to try one was Sergeant Johnson, who gained the ability to get back up after being shot in the head. This famed arribute would serve him well during the Covenant Civil war since many of his allies wanted his Infinite Ammo Spartan Laser and were willing to 'kill' him just to get it.

Shortly after the Human-Covenant War, when Jorgey was discovered to be alive and well on Requiem, the Delicious and magical food was renamed Reach Pie at his request, although the branding and appearance remain the same. The brand later ran a 'Who Looks Most Like Jorgey?' competition, to which there was only one winner...


Some poor guy;s reaction to winning the 'who looks most like Jorgey' competition