Some Kaminoans

Kaminoans are tall, slender, creepy beings who inhabit the planet Kamino. They are a very advanced race, having long since transcended the genetic and ethical 'barriers' that most other races are limited by. They are cloners, described by some as the best cloners in the universe, with the ability to breed entire armies from one genetic template and modifying the nature of the warriors to suit particular needs. They can also create clones in a much shorter time than most other cloning facilities across the Galaxy, being able to grow a fully developed clone in just a few days.

Their secretive nature and complex culture makes them difficult to trade or ally with, so they are of little interest to most races in the Galaxy. Their robust security and defence systems make their planet a hard target for invaders, and their usefulness as a cloning resource makes them safe politically. In short, they are practically untouchable.

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