Hee Hee Heeee!

Kane is a twisted associate of Emewafwawa who harvests the blood of the victims of the Contraption Trap to make pink paint to iron his clothes. He was once a respected artist, who even held stewardship of the Temple of Art itself, before being twisted by the Maths Mafia and turning evil, shirking his duties as Temple caretaker and abandoning it completely, instead deciding to become a maniacal mass-murderer who operated in the Crypt.

He laughs maniacally as each individual drop of blood falls into his massive vat of white paint, and he cackles with delight at every drip. He sometimes tastes the paint to see if it is ready, which is probably what drove him mad in the first place.

Kane was cruelly murdered by Drez Bro Dude A on her rockin' spree. She ran into the Chapel during the Raid on the Crypt, killed Kanewith blue paint, battled Emewafwawa and then rocked out on an electric guitar. Odd.

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