Davie c

I run your country now, hee hee heeee!

King Wannabe I was the last King of the United Kingdom in the year 2015 PLF. He almost ruined the country's economy and would have succeeded if the people had not struck out against him.

Formerly known as Davie C, leader of the Quad, King Wannabe escaped punishment for his vile actions as Quad leader and somehow went on to claim kingship, possible through the Failure Rangers.

In a massive attack on Parliament that resulted in the deaths of many political figures and determined the future of the country for good, King Wannabe was finally slain. Despite his best efforts, Prince George the Failure and Prince Wannabe II (who was technically already dead) were also killed, meaning that the line of heirs was smashed. This event was soon known as the Battle of Parliament.

In his lifetime, King Wannabe I performed many horrific acts of tyranny that left the population of the United Kingdom poor and outcasted. When he was killed, there was celebration for days, and a new holiday was set up to celebrate.

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