King Arthur and his Knights at the Round Table

The Knights of the 'Round Table' is a Human legend that had its origins in Medievil times, more specifically 12 centuary England, and the basic premise is that the table is round and therefore has no head, so therefore everyone who sits at the table is equal. King Arthur, a legendary English Monarch, supposedly set up this system for him and his subordinates to allow them to speak freely and determine the correct course of action.

Those who sat at the table were known as the Knights of the Round Table. Whether or not they were Knights is unclear, it is more likely that they were barons or lords, but the mythical tale is that King Arthur, being a powerful warrior and just king, set up this system as the first true democracy in England.

Many cultures have been inspired by this idea, and the Round Table is cemented in Human History. The League uses a similar method for its higher ranking senators, since the idea is that thye are all equal.

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