Knjakr waits for his next victim, be it insect or man

Knjakr the Freak is a twisted ex-head chef of Aiur Chef. Despite being Human, he was given the head chefmanship due to his impressive career, but he soon began to turn a bit... funny. Some believe that his descent into insanity was due to the over-exposure to Aiur metal, or maybe something that the Protoss themselves were feeding him. Whatever the cause was, Knjakr slowly began to go insane.

He moved to the province of Skyrim and went to live in the sewer, for some reason. He hid away in a tiny room with just a Grindstone and a small sack for a bed. He started out by roasting any insects that entered his room, but he wouldn't hesitate to kill and cook a human too.

He was left in the room for many years, and soon afterward many other insane individuals started populating the small rooms in the sewers until eventually there was a small community living there. His room was locked one day by a Lowlife for a joke, so Knjackr hunted him down and ate his vital organs whilst he was still alive. Bit harsh.

It was from there that he began the slow descent into madness, eventually emerging from the sewers as the greatest supervillain Skyrim has ever seen: Evil Villain!

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