One of the Kothos Twins's Passport photo

The Kothos Twins are twin brothers who signed up for Desann's Reborn Program. The two had long envied the long-lost Jedi and their powers, and when the oppurtunity to have those powers for themselves and destroy the Jedi arose, they leaped on the idea. Because they signed up for the program first they were given authority over the other Reborn.

One of the twins, Vil Kothos, was put in charge of the A-Squad of Reborn. The other twin, Dasariah Kothos, was put in charge of the C-Squad. The twins and the other Reborn commanders led their forces against Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Temple on Yavin 4.

Despite leading their forces reasonably well, the Kothos Twins and their Reborn subordinates were no match for the more intelligant, better trained and better equipped Jedi Sentinels. By the time each of them had reached the actual Temple itself their forces individually numbered less than twenty. Despite combining squads with both Twins commanding simultaneously, the Jedi repelled their attack and most, if not all, of their Reborn were killed.

After the death of Desann, his apprentice, Tavion, attempted to take control of the Reborn. The Kothos twins and the remaining Reborn went with her to various Jedi Temples across the Galaxy, sapping the Force energy from them to use for Tavion's 'grand plan'. However, Kyle Katarn and a group of Jedi intercepted the trio and Vil Kothos was killed during a battle between one of Katarn's students and a Dark Jedi that Tavion had recruited that was a former student of Katarn. Enraged, Dasariah attempted to kill the student, only to be cut down. Tavion, however, escaped.

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