Kreutzfeld looking cool

Kreutzfeld is an Object collector and apparently an 'old friend' of Sood, even though they have never met before. He thinks you can never be early for business and checks everything he is given to make sure it is not an Object. This means that anything you give to him he will break. Even breadsticks.

Kreutzfeld lost his son to cancer and is desperate to bring him back to life. He tried to use the Penny object to re-create him as a memory but this started to dwindle over time. So Kreutzfeld concocted a scheme to bend the universe to his will and resurrect his son using objects.

Kreutzfeld, with the help of Joe Miller, a Police Inspector who lost his daughter to the Room and who he tricked into helping him, eventually found the Vault built by the original Object Collectors which contained some of the most powerful Objects on Earth.

Kreutzfeld took out the Glass Eye, and then took out his own eye so he could use it. After testing the Eye on some attacking Legion forces and accidently killing both them and all of his own men bar one guy, Kreutzfeld assembled loads of Objects together to create a portal into the unknown to bring his son back, but his son refused to come. Desperate, Kreutzfeld attempted to follow his son into the unknown but was swallowed up by his own Objects. As he vanished, the Glass Eye fell to the floor, its owner now nothing but dust. Dangerous Business.

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