The Covenant Supercarrier Long Night of Solace.

Long Night of Solace was a Covenant Ship in charge of the attack on Reach. Jorgey sacrificed his life to destroy this ship, but it was in vain, since the rest of the fleet was right behind it, and the Battle of Reach ended with Reach in flames.

Long Night of Solace destroyed

The Long Night of Solace is destroyed by Jorgey

But Jorgey survived, and used the wreckage of the Long Night as a base until he established the Temple of Requiem. During Jorgey's Master Plan, he re-built the Long Night and used it to transport him, his Covenant and the Reachites to New Reach, and thus establishing a brand new colony there.

Overall, it was the only Covenant Ship to be commanded by a human, and the only ship to harbour Jorgey's Might on Board. It is also the only Covenant ship to store a Composer on board.