Lord Hood

He still has his Nose!

Lord Hood, (Full Title: His Almighty, All-Knowing, All-Powerful Excellency and Grandmaster of All Life Terrence Hood) was Supreme Commander of the UNSC, but he didn't actually do anything during the whole duration of the Human-Covenant War. He was also the most useless part of League High Command. He eventually led his own Conquest of Earth, known as the Conquest of the Hood.

He was an idiot, and he always runs away from important battles. He sat in Cairo Station all day, drinking wine and eating Terrantimes.

One of his favourite brands of wine was the brand known as Shiraz. This particular brand is named before and after a certain Didle character.

One of Hoody's most distinctive features was his particularly large nose. The nose is so large, that the Prophet of Truth's floating head was attracted to it as a source of food and bit it off. Hood eventually got it back after years of torment, but it is an event that has scarred him for life.

Hoody was the Joint Fleet Admiral of The League's Navy, funding the upkeep with income generated by The Empire of The Hood. However, the Empire was toppled in an uprising led by Humanity which became known as the Fall of Lord Hood, during which Hood was killed by Johnny and Cairo Station was destroyed. Lord Hood was remembered as a tyrant, showing more interest in wine and Terrantimes than he did the interests of humanity. He siphoned off all their money to pay for his unsuccessful discos.