Lord Voldemort

Oh, My, God. Tsk! Those robes with that hat, honest to God, Snape!

Voldy-Mort is another user of the Trolling powers, and can also use magic. This means he is a great threat as apparently guns dont work on him. But then again, no-one has ever tried shooting him. Weird, really. Possibly because he has many henchmen, one of which is similar to Moogle, one of the leaders of the Five, and another who is just Ludicrous.

Thats about everything really, apart fromt he fact he is the most socailly awkward fishfaced egghead in the whole goddamn universe.


See what I mean?

Oh, and he's really weird when it comes to his arch-nemesis Harry Potter. He can occassionally make people pretty scared. He also bears a slight resemblance to these guys, which doesn't help.

Youtube ClipEdit

Lord Trolldemort Trololodemort00:59

Lord Trolldemort Trololodemort

Voldemort laughing like a retard for 10 hours HD10:00:37

Voldemort laughing like a retard for 10 hours HD

Awkward Voldemort Moments03:01

Awkward Voldemort Moments

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