Don't let his cuddly exterior fool you, he will kill you in the blink of an eye...

Lotso Huggin' Bear is a demented teddy bear who wants to get revenge on his abusive owner, the Ginger Menace, who kept making him fart at pivotal moments in games.

Despite the fact he is an inanimate object, he has a God Complex and wants to kill everyone. People run in fear from his pink fluffy muscle, and his stick conceals a sword/dagger, that he uses to impale unsuspecting dolls that disobey him.

His plans always end in failure, a bit like some other members of the League, and this is probably due to the fact that he has no brain, only stuffing. This gives him a pretty good excuse for failing at everything, unlike some of the other failures mentioned earlier.

No-one knows why he needs a walking stick, since he has no bones either. Some people think its actually a hammer, which makes him look like another big fuzzy bear with a hammar who's plans always fail. His personailty is also similar to another twisted leader who doesn't know when he's beaten.

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