Luke smith

Luke Smith in his uniform. And yes, his trousers are the same colour as his hair.

Luke Smith is a Human and was the first friend of Super Bunny after the hero crashed on Earth in 1988 PLF. Only a student at the time, Luke was sent to investigate the crash site and was amazing to see a humanoid, rabbit-like creature emerge from the pod. Luke cottoned on to the fact that the local children referred to the creature as 'Super Bunny' in reference to his battle dress and suggested the moniker.

Luke has helped Super Bunny battle many enemies but his main duty for the team is research. He wants to know what Super Bunny is, where he came from and why he is here. His studies were aided by the arrival of Super Mouse from an alternate dimension, who remembered a lot more about his past than Super Bunny does. However, results of Luke's research are still inconclusive.

Luke also designs, constructs and maintains all the gadgets and gizmos belonging to Super Bunny and his friends, including Starbird.

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