OK Harry, call us back when you're Dumbledore

Magic is the method of using the mystical powers that surround us to make odd things happen.

Now thats what I call MAGIC!

But its not the Force, thats something else entirely.

Forms of MagicEdit

  • Wizard Magic: Requires a wand. Lord Voldy-Mort is said to be good at this. But it often ends up with people going rage and screaming at forcefields. This kind of magic is more physical, shooting columns of light at people to kill them or turn their head into a bat or something.
  • God Magic: This is Gandalf-style magic. This is more to do with peoples minds, you can corrupt someones mind or use mental powers to achieve something. Also, telekinesis is also a contributing factor. You can only use this kind of magic against certain people, usually Orcs.

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