The following is a list of some of the League Members who have held Executive Power in the League, that is, they have been Elected Supreme Leader.

Alongside that is the Position that they were best remembered for following their departure as leader.

Name Senator of... Post-Leadership Title
Palpatine Naboo Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic
Jorgey REAAAACH!!!! God-Emperor of the Reachites
Rarth Devan Unknown Travelling Circusmaster
Trask Ulgo Alderaan

Disguise Champion

Face of Boe Boe Galaxy Peaceful Guru
Darth Cryer Malachor V League Critic
Guilty Guilty Installation 04 Head Physician
Sood Earth Collector of Rarities
Lord Hood Earth Crazy Dictator
Di-Dick Requiem King of the Failures
Prophet of Truth High Charity Ball-Chinned Freak
Nute Gunray


Strange Creep
Gandalf Middle-Earth Wizard and Mage
Emewafwawa Minas Music Dark Magician
RoboDeves V1 Earth Crazy Robot Assassin
Gravespeare Low Charity Lead Poet
Treebeard Middle Earth He's a Tree.
Shirazzle Dazzle and Mr. Rage Earth Gamers
King Wannabe I Earth Failure Freak Man
Dalek Emperor Skaro Emperor of Evil
Spock Vulcan Logical Vulcan