Manaan eaw

Manaan, the ocean world of many laws

Manaan is a water-based world on the outskirts of the Force Galaxy. Like other watery worlds like Dac and Kahje, the inhabitants are unusually peaceful. Manaan has a strict no-weapons policy, even for outsiders. Travellers are allowed to carry weapons but any discharge of them leads to immidiete detainment. The enforcement on Manaan is so absolute that even a Sith detachment sent to the planet by Darth Malak abided to their rules.

Rarth Devan and his team of circus rejects visited Manaan on their quest to destroy the Composer. They landed in Ahto City, a floating mass of metal dominated by Manaanian Law, and accessed the secret Hrraket Rift by taking the city's last submarine. Despite taking the last craft, by the time they reached the Hrraket Rift they were confronted by Bandy, (actually Trask Ulgo in disguise, except they didn't know this). Bandy attacked Rarth Devan and allowed himself to be defeated when he had concluded that Devan was skilled enough to instigate the Rise of Trask Ulgo.

After collecting the information they needed, Rarth and his team left the planet. Trask teleported away and left the Bandy disguise where it lay...

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