Winston churchill 2 finger salute

Churchill was the Marine's hero, and he strives to be more like him.

Mainly noted for his heroic calling of the now renowned phrase 'MARINES, GET IN HERE!!!!'. He will obviously become the Prime Minister and declare war on Russia, his lifelong ambition. However, he is a communist himself, and has good relations with the Nowhere Men.

The only recorded photo of this guy, which may have been distorted with age and the lunacy of the Five

Despite being so well renowned, he is little seen or heard as the minecraft updates are far too regular for him to ever set foot into the outside world.

He also  witnessed the death of Old Bobby Jim, who died in a lifeboat accident.

He often runs around ruining peoples fun, and he has no time for things he doesn't know about. He also despises the English schooling system, and thinks that Scotland is better than England. This may make him a  descendant of Spein, as only the psycotically deranged could think such a thing.

He is one of the five, along with the Ginger Menace. Her also has an Army of Cats.

There is no human record of what he looks like but he is said to be quite bright.

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