Marvin 2

Vending machines, UNITE!

Marvin is a paranoid android. He is so completely and utterly depressing, so much that if anyone was to spend a day alone with him, they would be thinking suicidal thoughts. Or even used his head to throttle themselves to a pulp. And that would make him more depressed, endangering human lives. He is utterly insane, and should really go in for councelling. Would that help? No. No it wouldn't.


Marvin 1

This is a mug shot. This gives you an idea of his insanity.

He used to be quite a bulky, grey robot. He looked like a vending machine, and was a lot less helpful. However, his depressing appearance made him super depressed, so he got some work done and turned into a sleek, shiny, big-headed know-it-all.

Why is he depressed?Edit

Some say not so long ago there were millions of Paranoid-Androids skulking around on a little planet somewhere. HOWEVER, all "good" things must come to a sad and sorry end. One Paranoid-Android thought it was a smart idea to complain to his next door neighbour about his squeaky knees and wobbly house. This did not end well. Thus started a truly terrible war, leaving only one survivor, by the name of.... Marvin.

Marvin lurked on the husk for a bit, then decided to hitch a lift. He was almost slightly happy because he was leaving the planet..... but not for long. Whatever ship he travelled on, they all met an untimely end. And he survived. He floated through space for a bit, then hitched another lift. Hopefully he won't die, but he might make all the others suicidal first...

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