The eye of the mastermind

The 'Eye of the Mastermind', a digital file from eons ago that still looks out at the Galaxy

The 'Mastermind of the League' is a title given to the theoretical, yet still perfectly possible, ruler and supreme leader of the League, as well as a Supreme God or Deity that rises to the level of the Pantheon of the League. A more recent and increasingly popular title for this ruler is The Architect, reflecting the entities nature of designing and upholding the League from its foundations to its highest pillars of society, if such a being did exist.

Some consider the Mastermind of the League to be a political ruler, others consider it to be the yet undiscovered and unmentioned 'Ruler' of the Pantheon itself, who's sole job is to guard The League and control it from up on high, guiding the organisation to a better future for all its citizens.

Many have been considered possible candidates for this role by speculators, but the League government denies all claims of there being a supreme ruler of the League. Despite this, many do beleive that the League is controlled by someone, or something, hidden away on Inon II...

Possible CandidatesEdit

These are people who have been suspected of perhaps being the ruler of the League.

  • Jorgey - an odd choice, but many think that Jorgey's plain insanity fuels the League.
  • Sood - a superior businessman, but a poor choice for ruler.
  • Gravespeare - since he is leader of the Flood, highly unlikely.
  • Harbinger - since he is leader of the Reapers, highly unlikely.
  • Face of Boe - possible, but still unconfirmed.
  • Clyde - possible, but he would never have the time.
  • Lord Hood - considered to have strong influence over the League before his death.
  • Trask Ulgo - He only wants to save Bastila.
  • Palpatine - although he is Chancellor already, his power may stretch beyond that.

Overall, the chances of any of these members being the supreme ruler is unlikely. Many people have attempted to deduce who the supreme ruler is but many have come to the conclusion that he simply does not exist. However, supposed 'evidence' of such a Mastermind exists which continues to fuel the debate.

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