Maxwell the Scribblenaut

Maxwell is an odd little boy who wears a hat that looks like a rooster and a jacket with a star on the front. But don't let appearances fool you, this lad has a remarkable superpower.

Maxwell is a Scribblenaut, which is a strange extradimensional being who travels around the universe collecting Starites, star-shaped crucibles of incredible power and imagination. Scribblenauts also have the power to make any objects appear by writing them down, and Maxwell uses this power to create insane and imaginative objects to help him achieve his goal.

If he wins, he does a little dance. He is always smiling, even when he is defeated. But he can never age or die, oddly enough. He also has a massive family and they all look like him but with different colours and sizes and shapes. Odd.

Scribblenauts family

Maxwell's family photo

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