A Mechanoid

Mechanoids, not to be confused with the term mechanoid which refers to androids, are a race of robotic beings that originate from the planet Mechanus. They were built by Humans to aid in the colonisation of the world and sent on ahead to build cities on the planet, but the Human colonisers never arrived, since the Human race had got caught up in yet another war. The Mechanoids instead decided to live in the cities themselves, and soon began colonisation of their own.

The Mechanoids proved to be a powerful adversary to the Daleks. Despite being a peaceful race, the Mechanoids soon become hostile if provoked, and many unlucky Dalek squads have attempted to take on a Mechanoid, only to be destroyed. Mechanoids have several rays which they use in combat, the most prominent of which is a suspicion ray, which causes Daleks to perceive other Daleks as threats and attack them. Mechanoids also have a melting ray which can melt entire ships with ease.

They are fiercely protective of their home planet and will fight to defend it. They even managed to knock back an attack from the legendary Cult of Skaro, and the decimation of Reaper forces at Mechanus in what became known as the Mechanus Incident has become the stuff of legend.

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