I have the strangest feeling my overall popularity just turned into pure hatred...

The person you see here is quite possibly the most annoying being you will ever come into contact with. Mel was a companion of The Doctor for a short time. Yes, he was probably very relieved to see her go, despite how much he put on a sad face. Mel has a fear of everything. Anything that breathes is something to scream at, like:






Or... ok, you get the idea.

Her name is quite ironic, because her hair literally is a ginger bush. She is as peppy as hell, so we like to call her the peppy ginger banshee. She has no skills. But we can't be all bad to her, she is quite nice to little children and awkward teenagers who pour milkshakes over people. Also, she is a vegetarian and is obsessed with exercise. Overall, pretty annoying, yes?
Doctor Who Mel Screams01:51

Doctor Who Mel Screams

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