A group of mercenaries

Mercenaries are individuals or groups of individuals who work for no-one in particular, and sell their skills to the highest bidder. Generally, mercenaries make use of their skills as assassins, spies or thieves in their work, but mercenaries can be used for other jobs too, from sorcery to mechanics. Generally, there are mercenaries out there for every job imaginable. The League as an organization does not hire mercenaries for any purpose, preferring instead to rely on its own armed forces. However, individual members of the League often hire mercenaries as personal bodyguards or assassins.

Mercenaries usually congregate around certain areas of the Galaxy, usually the more crime-ridden planets and territories like Tatooine and Taris. However, Mercenaries can be found on almost all planets. Generally, if a Mercenary is hired to kill another Mercenary, they will not take the job. However, it all depends on the individual.

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