Minas maths

Minas Maths trembles as the Portal opens again...

Minas Maths was once a city called Ninas Numeracy, in which happy people resided under the safe knowledge that 1+1=2, and that circles are round, left isn't right and dice have six sides. It was a happy place, a place of innocence and simplicity.

But then the Demon of the Abyss came and devastated the city, bringing forth hideous beasts like Al-Gebbra and Simul-Tanus Eqquachion. They laid waste to the city and murdered its population, and now the Demon lives there. The Maths Mafia congregated in this place, along with its sister-city, Minas Music. The two fortresses were used to conduct the Demon's great war on happiness and the experiments she conducted on the unknowing population of the Universe.

The city resides near a Portal to the Distortion World, from which the Demon rose. The place itself is in perpetual darkness, the Demon having shrouded the city in a foul cloak which prevents it from being detected by any means. Following the War on the Maths Mafia and the subsequent Fall of the Maths Mafia, the city came under attack by Emewafwawa and the Mafia were forced to flee, though many of them were slain, and Minas Maths is now a desloate ruin, a place that none dare enter.

However, legend tells of one final battle that took place here, a small conflict between two powerful beings known as the Duel of Minas Maths. It is believed that Princeps autem Consolus hunted and destroyed Porkie here, and since then the Maths powers of Minas Maths were broken.

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