Miranda keeys

Miranda Keyes talking logic with a lightbulb

Miranda Keyes was the daughter of Captain Jacob Keyes of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. She was always striving to be more like her father, and joined the military when she learned of his death and quickly advanced up the ranks. She had just achieved the rank of Commander when the Covenant attacked Earth, and she chased Regret's flagship to Installation 05 with Johnny, Cortana, Sergeant Johnson and a troop of Marines.

There she retrieved the Index from Installation 05's library, but was captured by Tartarus. With help from Sergeant Johnson and Arby, she was able to prevent Installation 05 from being activated, and returned to Earth as a hero.

She helped hold off the Covenant from Earth, and then ventured throught he portal to the Ark, against the wishes of Lord Hood. There she aided Johnny and Arby in their efforts, and even crashed her Pelican into the Citadel to delay Truth from firing the rings. She was killed during this attempt, after being shot in the back by Truth with a Spiker. The recoil made him fly over the back of his throne.

Her death made Johnson very sad, but ultimately helped Johnny and Arby deactivate the rings in time. She was posthumusly awarded the award for awesomeness, and her body was brought back to Earth to be buried. She was one of the few casulties of the Battle of the Ark to receive a proper burial, and her body is one of the few buried at the Human-Covenant War memorial site.

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