An example of an Earthen Moa

Moa are large, birdlike creatures native to many planets in the Galaxies, notably Reach, Earth and Pandora, but there are many others. They are roughly five feet tall and are flightless, as their main power is in their legs and beak. They can run faster than your average truck can drive and they can peck the eyes out of a Human who is four feet away with two quick jabs.

Because they are so widespread, a common theory is that Moa are in fact descended from a once technologically advanced race, who (by natural evolution or otherwise) de-evolved to form simple flightless birds. Either that or they just happened to evolved naturally and identically on nearly one hundred different planets. As you might expect, Human scientists prefer the first option because according to them, miracles don't happen. All we know is that Moa make nice burgers and Jorgey loves them.

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