A sleeping Mole. A common sight throughout the League.

Mole Men are obese humanoids that eat dirt. They have a habit of sitting in one place and not moving at all until they are forced to by tectonic movement. They originated on an asteroid, called 'Rock', but some have traveled to Earth and used their natural Mole-esque looks to blend in.

A Mole Hole, different from a Mole Hill, since Moles and Mole Men are two completely different species.

Their species was attacked by the Money Spiders during the Galactic Credit Crunch in a conflict called the Battle of Rock, which wiped out a lot of their race and terminated their membership in the ailing Galactic Council. The survivors of this battle came to Earth, notably DJ Thursbinator and Mini-Mole.

These survivors set up a colony in an Earthen playing field, directly underneath some astro-turf.

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