The stare of Death... In a nice way, of course.

She's a cyborg from the future who never wears clothes. Despite this, no-one seems to care and a lot of people shoot at her when she shoots them. Odd, really, as you'd expect them to cower in fear of the Goddess of Death.

She is really nice to those who help her kill bad guys every single day of their lives, 24/7, non-stop, full pelt. Anyone else, she kills.


She's gonna kill someone...

To be honest, its a wonder we're all still alive, she could wipe out the entire human race with one blink of an eye. But then again, she kinda likes humans because they're funny and slow.

She can talk to people in their minds, go invisible, she is completely immune to bullets, fire, explosions, poison, disease, death, old age, and basically anything else nautre can throw at her. In fact, She IS mother nature.

And she's hunting the most dangerous cyber-threat in the history of mankind.

Oh, and she's almost certainly lesbian.

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