Inon II

The Museum of Unnatural History, dominating this section of Inon II's cityscape

The League's Museum of Unnatural History is a massive museum located on Inon II, in one of the oldest buildings on the planet. The museum itself is one of the many wings of the Grand Museum of the League, but the Unnatural History Museum itself is the oldest of the museums and by far the most famous.

The museum was originally founded to house some of the stranger artifacts of the League of Utter Disaster, Chaos and Insanity. However, it now contains artifacts as strange as the mummified bodies of old preachers and broken pieces of starships. The museum is very popular and League members will travel from all over the Galaxy just to visit it, and the museum contributes to Inon II's booming economy.

Examples of ExhibitsEdit

The Museum was raided by Sood to get rid of one particular display which he considered to be dangerous business - an Object, specifically the Pen.

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