Ay Jay Pee Taylor's extensive research on Mushy

Mushy is a Magic Mushroom deity who blesses mortals with his power. He apparently flies around in a bubble and descends upon mortals to imbue them with his powers. His ability to do this may stem from the Magic of Radagast the Brown, who enjoys mushrooms. 'Super' Mario is the dedicated prophet of Mushy and spreads his influence throughtout the land.

Mushy also has several minions spread across the land, these include:

  • Mushlets are average Magic Mushrooms spread in boxes across the worlds
  • Mushlings are tiny blue Mushrooms that make people smaller
  • Monshrooms are big orange Mushrooms that make people taller
  • Mushles are green Mushrooms that imbue people with life

Mushy also has control over several non-Mushroom minions too, which are:

  • Fire Flowers, who grant people the ability to throw fire
  • Ice Flowers, who grant people the ability to freeze things
  • Stars, who imbue invincibility into people
  • Penguin Suits, which are ridiculous
  • Shells, which can be thrown into foes
  • Banana Peels, left over from monkeys in racing cars
  • Blue Shells, the most overpowered device ever made

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