N'tho 'Sraom

N'tho readies his Carbine, probably aiming at another worthless Grunt.

N'tho Sraom, born Norman, was an Elite Spec-Ops warrior in the Covenant Seperatist Army. He was one of the many Human sympathisers in the Seperatist movement, and pushed for an alliance between the Humans and the Elites during the Human-Covenant War.

He was a young officer and had not received his full Spec-Ops gear when he was posted to assist Johnny, Arby and Who Ate the Ham during the battle of the Ark. He still managed to hold his own against the Flood and killed many high-ranking Brutes, many of whom insulted him because of his age. He also proved his talent with his trusty Carbine.


Ntho on a break, getting sandwiches from his knapsack

He earned his honor during this conflict and help to hasten the end of the war. But his most important duty came at the very end of the war, on Installation 04B. He was seperated from the other three warriors during the battle of the Control Room, but managed to recover a working Banshee and escape the ring that way. As Johnny and Arby fled the disintergrating ring in a Warthog, Usze accidently drove his Mongoose off the edge of a platform. Acting quickly, N'tho managed to save Usze by flying underneath him and picking him up.

N'tho thus proved his worth as a pilot when he maneouvered the Banshee to piggyback on Forward Unto Dawn's slipspace jump, and escaped to Earth intact. Him and Usze received a hero's welcome on their return, and N'tho finally got his promotion. When he returned to Sangheilios, all the Elite women (not counting Arby's nine million wives) wanted N'tho, but he eventually settled down with the Shitmaster's sister. Ha ha. Despite this, Shitmaster still allowed him as a member of Da Elite Biker Boyz.

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